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Accept - Son Of A Bitch

You make the stars
Illusions and dreams
you are what you are
Dyou know what I mean
I hear you clear
See in your eyes
Lyin g to please
It pleases to lie
You say its your way
You say well make it
Right to the top
Your bullshit gets me
What have you got
I dont believe
A word you say
You make me laugh
Get outta my way
You say its your way
Now listen to what I thin k of you:
Son of a bitch
Kiss my ass
Son of a bitch
Son of a bitch
You asshole
Son of a bitch
Cock suckin motherfucker
I was right - take this: uuaah
Son of a bitch, ...
Cut you three times below the ass to short to shit
Two timin g son of a dog


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