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Eagles - Tryin

Imjust arriving in the city
and there is music on my mind
lookin for my destination and
my home is far behind
Cause its a long road ahead
and you can make it in the end
and Imgonna make it with my friends
And Imtryin
It took me sometime to see it
now Imlooking through this world
and its gonna take some time before
I get back, help me girl
cause you can make it if you try
you gotta lay it on the line
and everything wi will be fine if you try
Sittin smokin just a thinkin
is an easy thing to do
We gotta keep on trying for
the feelin to come through
and its a lonely way to live
you gotta take it, you gotta live
if you mistake it, just try again
and Imtrying, yeah
Got to keep on trying
Ah, we got to keep on trying
Yeah Imtrying.... etc..


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