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Eagles - Is It True

How come you love himwhen he
Takes you for a fool
Hes only lookin for a good time
How can he love you when he
Treats you mean and cruel
Hes not the best thing that you could find
Is it true?
I can not believe it
Is it true?
I just can not see it
Is it true?
Is that you?
When we were young, we didnt really have a care
You were hung up, I had a good line
I never knew it then but, man, I was in love
How could I know it was the right time?
Is it true?
Youve lost that feelin?
Is is true?
You might be leavin?
Is it true?
Dont wanna find out
Yes, I was so wrong
For leading you on
There wasnt much I could do
I was a wild one, but I can change some
If thats important to you
Is it true- youve lost that feelin?
Is it true- you might be leavin?
Is it true?
Is it true?
Shes really leavin
Shes really leavin


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