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DJ Maj - Wordz Speaks


B-boy show me what you got
Got you movin to the sound cause you like it a lot
Rock the microphone when I'm up in the spot
My name is Wordz that's how it is
Like it or not


Enter the light mic fight ryhme day or night
I might take flight like a kite in hindsight
Blow tight hold mics like hypes
Hold pipes flow like dikes on a roll like motor bikes
On point like spikes cursed be the one who bites aint nice
My word device turn murder men to mice
Lyrical heist reachn the heights of those
With vision in sight to ignite
In a cloud by day fire by night
Black clashn with white hope is bright feeln alright

I might takem outside in spite thier vocals are trite
I quite cause havok takem to thier burial site
Mc's suck like parisites in malarial plights
I'm on a quest like tip & phife
To bring the dopest lyrics you've heard in all of yourlife
Deftone on the track maken the beat sound nice weather wearn addidas, british knights or nikes I move the emotions
Of closed those and the likes and then they
Get open to the messages to escape the
Fareinhiet exclude the religious
Rite move at the speed of light take a
Second from the set and check out my website



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