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Backyard Babies - Ex-Files

Imwarm when Imcold
Imcold when Imwarm
and nothing seems to be alright
Imdown on my knees
and Imeasy to please
when I think bout what I did last night
when you told me to share
and ran my fingers thru my hair
infinity? Yes I do
but when I cry in your arms
or dress up in my charm
Imnot the on e sayin ";I love you";
Yeah life is a bomb
and it hits so hard
it wi will bring out the tears from my eyes
yeah love is a drag
yes it can be that bad
when at the end of the rope is your dad
Imnot the on e who loved you
Imthe on e who left you behind
fedex my life
ex-file and access denied
you out me up on a stand
and read the palm of my hand
what makes you think you know what Ive
been through?
all the phon ies and the gold
are you scared of gettin old?
welcome to planet fuckin deja-vu
Imthe on e


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