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Zero Down - Suck Seed

A coffin for a coffee table pills to keep himstable wont believe G.G.s dead.
A pure bred antisocial on the verge of going postal always hanging on by a thread.
Jeremy knows what he wants to be over qualified to under achieve.
Hes got a different version of succeed.
A crusty crusader an establishment hater an icon to the outcast.
A non accepting disrespecting purveyor of filth at its best.
Some drink to forget, he drinks to remember when sober hes not up to speed.
Hes got a different version of succeed.
Why do people waste their lives worrying about tomorrow
you would think that they were blind or they would see their lives pass them by.
If hes misunderstood then to himits all good his IQ is 152.
Hes not punk rock elite,
he just dont like to speak unless to make you look like a fool.


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