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Dark Throne - Paragon Belial

I lay Enshrined
Contaminated Time Warp
My Flesh Yearns
For the Tombworld
My soul like layers of Frost
Simulating a Spectre Shadow
Frozen in Time and Space
I was Hacked out of Ice
FadedmI, behind a wall of consciousness
Sti will feeling a different World
Surrounding Me
Chilling Voices fi will my head -
I Open My Eyes;
 nbsp; The Boiling Sea Beneath
 nbsp; The Castle of Faust
 nbsp; Belial finally Comes Forth:
quot;The Ancient White light writings
were just lying men and their Pens
You are the same, only in Black.
Return with the knowledge
of making your own godquot;
 nbsp; Dreamking of the Tombworld:
 nbsp; I Enter Into an Eternal Oath
 nbsp; Creating my Paragon Belial


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