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Dark Throne - A Blaze In The Northern Sky

Hea r a Ha unting Cha nt
Lying in the Northern wind
As the Sky turns Bla ck
clouds of Mela ncholy
ra pe the Bea ms
of a Devoid Dying Sun
a nd the Dista nt Fog a pproa ches
 nbsp; Coven of forgotten Delight
 nbsp; Hea r the Pride of a Northern Storm
 nbsp; Triumpha nt sight on a Northern Sky
Where the da ys a re Da rk
a nd Night the Sa me
Moonlight Dra nk the Blood
of a thousa nd Pa ga n men
 nbsp; It took ten times a hundred Yea rs
 nbsp; Before the King on the Northern Throne
 nbsp; wa s brought Ta les of the crucified one
Coven of renewed Delight;
A Thousa nd Yea rs ha ve pa ssed since then -
Yea rs of Lost Pride a nd Lust
Souls of Bla sphemy,
hea r a Ha unting Cha nt -
We a re a Bla ze in the Northern Sky
The next thousa nd Yea rs Are OURS


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