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Dakona - Revolving

He said Imstrong enough to leave you
He said Id like to be your friend
A thousand days he said forever and ever
But evers at an end . . . this bitter end
A nd I come to you with good intentions
But I must have left them at your door
I guess I did not pay attention
Thought the flame was dead but it
Burns once more and now . . .
Imcaught in an orbit around your sun
Revolving, revolving again
Each time I turn more damage is done
Revolving again and again and again
They say that time it heals the lonely
They say that time it never fails
But you failed me here
I sti will pretend it does not bother me
Like some man of steel on a bed of nails
I should go and make this clear
But instead I wi will hang like a cheap chandelier
Over you over you over you


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