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Calling - If Only

Whats the way of love?
Tell e your fiction
Tell me your lies
Say to me now, you wi will never forget this night
Imfeeling emotionless
My heads so clear
My enemies arent, the one I fear
You know your kiss confused
This troubling soul
And I found out
That were all breaking hearts
That were all broken hearts
If only love could us all
If only hearts didnt have to fall
We can not mislead to make things right
So instead well sleep alone tonight
Whats the way of love?
You are thinking Imcrazy
But you are blushing of lust
I have heard a lot of nice things,
but tell me which ones Imto trust?
These walls we made are glass
And they have been known to crack
But until then
You wi will keep pushing my way
And I will keep pushing you away
If you want to take a chance
And try to make things right
You better have a reason to be loved
We all want some thing more
And it is worth fighting for...
And if some how fate were in my hands
Would it be enough to understand
Why we feel lost in a world so small
If only love could find us all...


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