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Sanatçı İsmine Göre Gözat

Calling - Believing

Imone man to make a difference
Imone soul all persistence
In a dark word, just trying to make things right
Choices we werent given
Any heroes, and our decision
Is to stand up and fight for ourselves
To be free
Is all we want to be
When everything seems so far out of reach
But I know, no matter where we go
I will never stop believing in me
Woke up bent and broken
Just to see that fate has spoken
All I call out I call out for change
For every moment that remains
For every sinking stone to find its place
Long before theyre washed away
Weve been giving in to wrong
Weve been waiting for too long
And weve been broken to pieces one by one
Were gonna know
Were gonna know
When the moment comes


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