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Anthrax - Blood

What do you do when something dies
A life together has ended, your living a lie
When did this act become reality?
Hello conscience, do I laugh or do I cry
Nothings ever perfect
This is just a test
Imagine, imagine saying what can be said
Imagine, imagine each word a bullet til you are dead
Imagine, imagine killing something you love
Imagine, just think about living inside
Blood on your hands, blood in my eyes
Blood I can not keep, blood circumscribes
Blood on your hands turns into blood in my eyes
And with the blood I can not keep
Our lives, blood circumscribes
Brother on, brother on, brother on, brothers in blood
A wave of hatred comes like the flood
Brother on brother on,
Brothers in blood
Hate is so much easier to feel than love
Brother on brother on
Brothers in blood
Misery can be so attractive
When making yourself happy is the only alternative
At the expense of someone elses life
Do it for yourself, damn it, do whats right
Imagine, think about living your life
Imagine, think about being stabbed with a dull knife
Imagine, think how sane you wi will be when its through
Imagine, think real hard then do what ya gotta do


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