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Nada Surf - Robot

you are just walking round your little mazes figuring out how to get by,
How to get laid and get famous, get yourself paid, impress the guys.
you are taught to divide the world into buddies and wives, sluts and wimps;
And ever since, youve kept a scorecard - how else to prove you are such the pimp.
You are just a robot, executing a program.
You get on the train where the crowd is tightening to push yourself up against a girl,
And when you are not getting play, you keep trying, you dont understand the consentual way.
You are just a robot, an imitation of a man.
She told me one night when we were lying quiet and cold, something not right.
It had been months since the good times, once there was sun, now there was night.
And she said to me as she turned on the light,
"There is something you dont know keeps me from feeling right.
I once knew a guy, id seen himaround.
He knew all my friends, he came from town.
One night at a party, we both were there,
He followed me into the bathroom, he grabbed my hair,"
And she said "i sti will remember just how the floor felt and how my head would hit the tub."
Now where is that robot, is he ali have or is he done?
Does he breathe the air that I breathe?
Is he kept warm by the same sun?


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